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Simply Sweet Lab Desserts List, Check it out!

Creampuffs - Min order 25pcs/1 box

Creampuffs with Nutella drizzle - Min order 25pcs/1 box

Nutella Cheese Tart - Min order 25pcs/1 box

Fruit tarts - Min order 25pcs/1 box

Congo Bars- Min order 16pcs/1 box

Choc Fudgy Brownies- Min order 16pcs/1 box

Mini Pavlova - Min order 16pcs/1 box

M&M Cookies 

Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Red Velvet Cookies 


Devil's Food Chocolate Cake 

Ombre Cake

Victoria Sandwich Cake

Classic Butter Cake - Min order 16pcs/1 box

Mini Victoria Sandwich Cake - Min order 16pcs/1 box

Mac & Cheese 

Beef/Chicken Lasagna

P/S : You may request any of the dessert yang tiada dalam gambar ya. Thanks!

1) It is recommended to place your order 5 days in advance. 
2) Order can be placed on Monday for Saturday pickup or delivery. 
3) Any last minute orders will not be entertained.
4) A 50% deposit is required for all orders, which is non-refundable.
5) If you would like to cancel an order you must contact us directly at 010-2224519 within 48 hours       of the original date required. However there is NO refund on the initial 50% deposit which is        
    required upon the date of purchase. 
6) NO COD. All payment must be made via online banking (CIMB). Once the order is confirmed, we     will provide the details.
7) Our prices are subject to change without notice.

If you have any additional questions or specific inquires about your order, please do not hesitate to call us at 010-2221419 or email us at: We will respond to you at our earliest convenient time.

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